Introducing the Platinum HDT Line

100% All-Natural Hemp Derived Terpenes

We are proud to introduce our NEW premium product offering: the Platinum Hemp Derived Terpene (HDT) Line.

Our 100% all-natural hemp-derived terpenes are extracted from fresh, live premium flowers processed in the field. There is simply no finer live terpene product available today than our Platinum HDT Line.

Our Process:

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art steam-distilling process creates the finest broad spectrum cannabis terpenes on the market. And our exclusive relationships with the finest Oregon and California hemp farmers allow for us to direct the process from seed to finished product, selecting only the best phenotypes. This then produces a live essential oil terpene profile that will take your product formulations to a new standard of excellence.

Welcome to the Platinum HDT Line!

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